The South Lanark Community Garden

The SLCG is hiring for the summer!

We are currently accepting applications for three summer positions at the garden!

These 3 positions will run for 8 weeks in July and August, at 35h/wk. For the Lead Youth Gardener position, we are looking for someone with previous gardening experience, at $17.50/hr. The two Youth Gardener positions do not require previous experience and are $16/hr. As these are funded through Canada Summer Jobs, they are open to anyone 30 years or under.

Tasks include all aspects of garden management - planting, weeding, watering, application of soil amendments/mulch, identification and control of pests (or fungal/bacterial issues), and harvest. There may also be tasks related to seed saving, use of green manures, light construction projects, or other needs that arise. The Lead Youth Gardener will be responsible for assigning and overseeing the work of the two Youth Gardeners.

Expected start date is Tuesday, July 4th.

**Applications close on June 12th. **

If you have further questions or would like to send in your resume, please get in touch at