The South Lanark Community Garden

Announcement of our Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Monday March 6th, 5pm-7pm

Lanark Highlands Youth Centre

All members invited and encouraged to attend!

To apply for membership or learn more about the AGM, 

navigate to the documents page 

Who we are 

“The South Lanark Community Garden” is our new name and it replaces our former name “The Lanark-Highlands Plan B Community Garden”, we now are a not-for-profit Corporation. We will be continuing our work with Lanark Highlands Plan B and we do not anticipate any changes in our relationship with Plan B. We will continue our work with The Table of Perth as well. The Community Garden is focused on the growing and supplying of fresh produce to those members who participate in the success of the garden, Plan B, the Table and members of the community for their use and further distribution within the larger community.

Come join us

The activities of the community garden are sharing in nature as all of our volunteers are welcome to harvest what they need from the garden. We rely heavily on all members of the community for support and there are many ways to volunteer your time and talents to help this operation run smoothly, from starting seedlings in the very early spring, to transplanting, weeding, harvesting, garden maintenance, produce delivery, seed saving, as well as many other ways to contribute.

If you are interested in helping us grow and develop strong community food security, getting to know folks in the community and, enjoying fresh produce please reach out to us! Please contact us . We do need and appreciate your support.

This project is a real time learning experience and one which is both fascinating and fulfilling at the same time. It helps to develop that sense of community in all of us which is what The South Lanark Community Garden, Plan B and The Table are all about. If you can contribute or are just plain curious please call or text and do come on out to the garden.