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SLCG Apiary

Welcome to you budding Apiarists! This is the start of The South Lanark Community Garden Apiary (SLCG). It is aimed at helping those who have never had an opportunity to work with honey bees but have wanted to come out and get involved.


These beehives are also meant very much to engage the youth of the garden, to invite them along with their parents to take an opportunity to see, hear and smell the sweet aroma of the bees at work.


With this bee yard, SLCG gives you an opportunity to come into the bee yard and familiarize yourself with the comings and goings of the bees and take part when a hive is opened for inspection, or for adding supers, or harvesting honey or the many other activities needed to keep the bees healthy and happy.


If you are interested in coming to the apiary, please get in touch:

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