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The South Lanark Community Garden

About Us

The South Lanark Community Garden (SLCG) was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in September of 2021. We had operated for the previous 5 years as an unincorporated not for profit.
As a corporation the SLCG is structured with a Board comprised of seven elected members who serve for the first five years of the SLCG’s operation. After five years a general election of new Board members with staggered service times will take place.  This will enable the election of at least two board members at each subsequent annual general meeting of the membership. Board Members currently in office may seek to be re-elected to the Board.  The Board normally meets monthly but is flexible in its schedule.
The Board operates with an executive composed of a Chair, a Vice Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
SLCG also operates with two standing committees. The garden management committee and the greenhouse management committee. Other adhoc committees are established as the need arises and dissipates.
SLCG is composed of signed up members who are invited or nominated for membership based on their involvement in the activities of the SLCG. The members may exercise and voice their views, concerns, general needs at their right to vote by attending the annual general meeting and by engaging in SLCG activities and committee meetings.  Currency of membership (annual renewal) is obtained through volunteering in SLCG activities in the previous year.
SLCG operates with volunteers who are the backbone of its work force. They ensure that the day to day needs of SLCG are realized.  The volunteers may or may not be members of the SLCG but they are special persons whose efforts are appreciated and must be judiciously safeguarded and managed.
The SLCG’s operations are guided by it’s Objects of Incorporation, it’s By-Laws, and it’s Policy & Procedures.

Our Board Members
Sarah Allison
Ramsey Hart
Cliff Neudorf
Leanne Rasmussen
Greg Stevenson
Kristine Swaren
Elaine Wilson

Our Executive
       Chair         Cliff Neudorf
       Vice Chair    Leanne Rasmussen
       Treasurer    Kristine Swaren
       Secretary    Ramsey Hart

Come Join Us!

The activities of the community garden are sharing in nature as all of our volunteers are welcome to harvest what they need from the garden.

We rely heavily on all members of the community for support and there are many ways to volunteer your time and talents to help this operation run smoothly, from starting seedlings in the very early spring, to transplanting, weeding, harvesting, garden maintenance, produce delivery, seed saving, as well as many other ways to contribute.

If you are interested in helping us grow and develop strong community food security, getting to know folks in the community and, enjoying fresh produce please reach out to us! Please contact us : . We do need and appreciate your support.

This project is a real time learning experience and one which is both fascinating and fulfilling at the same time. It helps to develop that sense of community in all of us which is what The South Lanark Community Garden, Plan B and The Table are all about. If you can contribute or are just plain curious please call or text and do come on out to the garden.

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